Top 10 Unique Travel Accessories

Top 10 Unique Travel Accessories


This one is one of the essential travel accessories that you need to buy unless you’re of course from a different planet altogether! As your neck endures a ton when you can’t find a decent dozing position in a restricting economy seat, a travel pillow is a sure-shot way of dozing off comfortably. There are multiple travel pillow options available that can help you travel seamlessly, without breaking your neck. This travel pillow is stitched with durable nylon thread that makes the pillow durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the 360degree U-shaped design covers and supports your neck from all sides.

Best neck pillows: Top 6 neck pillows for travel under 900 - The Economic Times


Passport holders make a great travel accessory when you are traveling to a different country. Its multifunctional characteristics make it a passport holder, a credit card and cash holder, and whatnot. This passport holder has 8 slots and can hold up to 8 passports so you don’t have to carry different passport holders for all your family members. Plus it has 5 slots for your credit cards, 1 ticket slot,1 money zippered pocket &1 coin zippered pocket, and 1 pen strap. The easy-to-carry passport holder can easily fit into your cabin luggage, backpack, or even in your handbag.
Black Adel International Leather Passport RFID Covers, Pure Leather: Yes


Who doesn’t own a power bank these days?! Well, a power bank is a must to carry along with you when you are travelling long distances. You can’t always find a plug point when you are out in the woods, or on a beach, or any open space whatsoever. If you have a power bank, you are good to go!

Romoss 18 Watt Fast Charging 30000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank (White, PHP30) : Electronics


The limited weight carrying capacity and high charges for those extra kilos charged by the airlines have made life difficult for people who love to shop while travelling. To save those additional charges always carry an E-luggage scale with you. After all, it’s better to keep your luggage in check rather than to pay extra to the airlines. A must-have travel accessory? Heck yeah!

ISABELLA Portable Electronic Luggage Scale For Home, Model Name/Number: Is-smile Scale


One of the essential items to be added in your carry-on is an eye mask. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you find it very difficult to sleep since it is essential to relax before heading off to explore your destination. Whether you are travelling by flight, or by a train, it is always convenient to have an eye mask at your disposal.

13 Best Sleep Masks To Help Block Out The World


Most people carry safety locks with them while travelling, but many still don’t understand the utility of this travel accessory. It is one of those items which must be a top priority in your items-to-carry list since you always need to safeguard your luggage no matter where you are travelling to.

DeoDap Security Luggage 3 Digit Resettable Combination Number Square Padlock - Pack of 2 (Multicolor)

7.Resealable Plastic Bags

People generally fail to assess the importance of carrying a resealable plastic bag with them. It is a handy item as they are good for organising, as well as when you have to pack something damp like a wet bathing suit or any item that might leak.

Resealable Plastic Bags , travel accessories


A shoe cover is an essential travel accessory that basically helps you in carrying your shoes safely in your suitcase and protects them from being spoiled. It also comes in useful when your shoes become dirty, and you can’t find a proper way to carry it. So, carry a shoe cover with you and protect your shoes while separating them from other travel items.

Travel Shoe Bags (Pack of 10 Bags) – EconsIndia


One thing that should not be compromised regardless of where you are is hygiene. And paper soaps will help you maintain that. Although we easily have hand sanitizers these days, nothing can actually beat water as far as cleanliness is concerned. Paper soaps are super convenient, inexpensive and very useful. Thus, making for travel essential.

Your Easy Guide to Making Paper Soap at Home – VedaOils


Although one easily gets access to tissues or wipes, they do more harm than good at times. Primarily because they’re ideal for just one-time use, and that they adversely affect the environment in a way. Pocket towels or napkins, on the other hand, are a lot better. They’re washable, reusable, more efficient in their job and easy to carry as well.

Sea to Summit Pocket Towel - X Large by Sea to Summit Travel & Outdoor Gear (Pocket-Towel-XL)



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