4 of the Best Ways to Document Your Travels

4 of the Best Ways to Document Your Travels

4 of the Best Ways to Document Your Travels:-

Travelling is so much more than an activity. It’s an experience, a journey and a way to discover new things about yourself and different cultures. No two trips are ever alike and after each trip, you’re always asking “So, where are we going next?”

Whether you’re a solo traveller or you have your travel buddy, you want to share your experiences with others. People will always ask to see your photos, ask about what you ate and what the locals were like.

“You should write a book,” someone might say to you, and it doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea. While a book may be down the road, you certainly have other options to document your travels and share them with everyone.

You’ve Got Mail

No, this isn’t a plea for you to act more like Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan, but instead some simple encouragement. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll probably have some form of internet access. With this internet access, friends and family may be checking their inboxes for updates on your trip and to make sure you haven’t been carried off by Somalian pirates yet.

 This is a great, free and easy way to not only keep in touch with everyone but also journal your trip. At the end of each week, every two days or whenever, write an email to a group of people informing them what you’ve been up to, what your next plans are and everything in between. 

At the end of your trip, you can return to all those emails, print them off and put them in a notebook. Going back through them will just help you relive all those wonderful memories.

Start Blogging

Think of this like a public journal, but a blog or website is a great way to keep track of your journeys. You can upload photos, put down restaurant reviews or talk about your trips down the road oft-not taken.

You can also expand your blog and put travel recommendations on there, tips and tricks you’ve learned or the best ways to find cheap flights.

Whatever your plan is, make sure you map out a regular posting schedule so people can know when to check back on you and keep coming back to your site. So many people look to social media and blogs for their inspirations. Who knows, you could inspire the next group of travellers.

Dial it Back

While writing on pen and paper may be a lost cause these days, that doesn’t mean you have to follow the trend and ditch the traditional writing style. Even if your handwriting has gone from bad to worse, you can still write down everything you see around you.

In a way, some people may prefer this style as it lets you get a little more personal as you’re not going to be sharing it with tons of other people. Plus, you can write anyway you want. Bullet points, long paragraphs or just a flurry of short sentences, the journal is your oyster.

It’s easy to carry everywhere and you don’t need much to go ahead and get started on writing anytime.

Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer

If you’re travelling, you are using your phone for so many things like directions, email and taking lots and lots of pictures. Whether you’re a camera fanatic, taking pics of everything from food to monuments, or a simple point and click person, pictures are one of the best ways to document your trip.

But you can take it a step further and make a photo journal out of it. The first step in all this is to make sure that your photos are backed up on some type of cloud. Whether that be OneDrive, Google Photos or something else, you don’t want to take all the pictures in the world only to have your phone lost, damaged or stolen.

Back all of those photos up and whenever you arrive home, print your favourites out. Go find a nice photo journal and put your photos in there. Place it on the coffee table or shelf and voila! You now have all your memories in one place. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter and always fun to look back on! Just make sure you get plenty of photos with you in them, instead of only landscapes and buildings.