Backpacking Tips You Need

Top 7 Backpacking Tips You Need

Backpacking Tips You Need:-

1. Pack all the medication you could ever need

Travelling can give you the feeling of invincibility. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but you are far from it. You’ll get sick and, when you do, being able to reach into your bag and take whatever medication you need will be much easier than trying to locate the nearest pharmacy, dragging yourself out of bed and somehow learning and correctly pronouncing the Spanish word for ‘throat lozenge’. Bring a variety of basic medicine that you trust to tackle any sickness. Even if you don’t use it, it’s way better to be safe than sick.

2. Download Offline Maps as soon as you hit WiFi

As soon as you open Google Maps for the city you’re in, the data is stored in the app. Even as you lose that precious WiFi connection, the app will be able to show you the city roads and remember any recent searches. As a traveller, this is incredibly valuable as you can go forth with your life-changing adventures and get lost in a city. Now you can do this with the peace of mind that Maps will know where you are and how to get you home. If that doesn’t make Offline Maps the real MVP, nothing will. (Oh wait – maybe you’re not a massive sports fan like me? By MVP I mean Most Valuable Player and you’ll quickly learn Offline Maps are your new travel essential).

3. Tell your bank you are going overseas

If your bank sees any suspicious transactions, they will suspend your account immediately and try contact you to establish if it’s legitimate. Bless their hearts, I’m sure this is done with good intentions, but it can be a traveller’s worst nightmare. Their idea of a ‘suspicious transaction’ is basically any transaction made from a country you apparently aren’t in. Informing your bank of where you’re going and what dates you’ll be there as part of your travel preparations will ensure you aren’t left stranded on the other side of the world with no money. This is one of the best tips for backpacking, as we generally don’t travel with access to many sources of money so remember to keep your bank in the loop.

4. Don’t look like a tourist too much

Unfortunately, some people like to pick on travellers because we are easy targets, especially for thieves. These people can spot a tourist from a mile away, so it’s always a good idea to try and fit in with the locals. That means you should use Maps on your phone and not a giant paper map. No visible belt bag/fanny packs/bum bags; if you really must wear one, hide it under your clothes. Don’t carry a backpack that looks packed to survive an apocalypse just to walk through the city for a day. Ultimately, you’re a tourist and should always embrace that, but not making it so obvious could keep you out of trouble.

5. Don’t pack your whole wardrobe

Everyone would love to have the choice between their nice casual, semi-nice half-casual, super nice not very casual and not nice but kind of casual shoes, but when you’re travelling, carrying all of these is a nightmare. Less is more and simplicity is best when it comes to packing your wardrobe. Bring versatile clothing that can go with anything. Basic tops, jeans and anything black will be your best friends. You’ll have limited space, so don’t bring anything you might only wear once. Try to bring clothes you can wear multiple times that suit a variety of occasions and you will achieve that ever-elusive balance of fashionable and functional.

6. Familiarise yourself with common public toilets

You never want to get caught needing to go with nowhere to go, especially on holiday AND in a foreign city. Some public toilets that are easy to find in most cities and it’s a good idea to know where they are. For example, shopping centres always have public toilets; hotel lobbies are good too and are on the higher end of the public toilet cleanliness scale. As you get more desperate, you can try fast food places but beware they may not be the cleanest and some may charge a small fee to use. Knowing these could save your life (or at least your underwear and dignity).

7. Carry some plastic bags with you

There’s nothing worse than having a wet towel or wet clothes lying around in your suitcase (or, you know, if you’re looking for underwear and you put on a pair that may have already been used. Yeah, gross right?). If only there was a way to separate and store your wet or dirty clothes to keep them away from your lovely clean ones whilst you’re travelling? Hello, plastic bags to the rescue. Having a couple of plastic bags takes up minimal space, has multiple uses and is always a handy addition to any suitcase.

These are the top 7 bagpacking tips you need to know before planning your next trip.

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