How to pack suitcase

How To Pack A Suitcase


Start with a packing list. A packing list can serve as a reminder of what not to forget while also helping you to avoid overpacking.

Download a couple of packing lists and modify them to create a personalized list that you can use over and over again. Take inspiration from both minimalist lists and exhaustive lists to find your happy medium.

Here are a few general suitcase-packing rules you should follow to speed up the process:

1. Narrow Down Your Must-Haves

Half the battle of packing is determining what is essential to take with you. Limit yourself to five pairs of pants if you’re going on a ten-day trip, including a few pairs of jeans and a few pairs of shorts. Lay it all out in front of you, and then get rid of one or two pairs that are similar to one another.

2. Arrange Your Clothes Carefully Using Your Favorite Packing Technique

Learning the best packing technique for a suitcase or other type of luggage is essential. Here are 3 techniques to consider:

  • Folding Clothes
  • Rolling Clothes
  • Bundle Packing Clothes

7 Clever Packing Tips to Fit More In Your Suitcase

3. Toss in an Extra Bag for Laundry

It’s easy to forget about needing to store your dirty clothes while you travel. Separate your dirty laundry from the rest of your clothes by placing it in a separate plastic or fabric laundry bag with a zipper that keeps in smells.

4. Keep Clothes in Place with Dry Cleaning Bags

Most clothes, no matter the material, are a bit slippery. Slip dry cleaning bags between each layer of clothing to eliminate any slippage or movement during travel.

By keeping your clothing and other items firmly in place, you’ll maximize your suitcase space and discover extra nooks and crannies where you can stash additional cargo.

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